Auteur : René Philombe 

 Prix :  5 € / 2.500 FCFA (Cameroun) / 3.000 FCFA (Afrique)

 Format : 12 x 18 cm  

 Pages : 92 p

 Dépôt légal : 4e trimestre 2015

 Référence / ISBN : 978-9956-0-9351-9 


About the book : In 1955, Philombe began to feel intense pains in his legs; these were the first signs of a crippling polioneuritis which gradually deprived him of his ability to move about freely. For long periods of time, he was confined to a hospital bed, and during his two-year convalescence, he rented a small house in the Nlong-kak section of Yaounde to be near the clinic of his friend and doctor, Zogo-Massey. To fill his hours of forced leisure, Philombe wrote lengthy letters to Dr Zogo-Massey. In these letters he described the events of his day-to-day existence and adapted folktales and anecdotes remembered from his earlier days at Batchenga and Saa. In his depictions of the inhabitants of the neighborhood, he captured their universal human traits without sacrificing their uniquely individual personalities. The letters are enlivened by the author’s sharp eye for significant detail, his detached sense of humor, and his strong commitment to human decency and justice. Written between 1956 and 1958, they were never intended for publication, but their wit, perceptiveness, and purity of style  were so impressive that, when CLE, francophone Africa’s first important publishing house, was founded during the early 1960’s in Yaounde, the editors chose to issue them as Lettres de ma Cambuse  (here presented under the title Tales from my Hut)



My Retreat 

Little Causes, Great Effects 

The Sanguinary Goat of Papa Mboya 

At the Yaounde Central Post Office 

Mandari, A fifty year old Demoiselle 

The Dog and the Chimpanzee 

The Little Phantom-Cat 

When the pupils’ parents intervene