The lady with a beard


This story of an extraordinary woman who debunks tirnehonoured ideas of male chauvinism and proves herse1f a male-woman is a loving and lasting tribute to the Bakossi cultural heritage. Told in captivating proverbial language, The Lady With A Beard is a welcomed and refreshing complement to Chinua Achebe's works. Shadrach A. Ambanasom. Lecturer, Critic and Novelist. University of Yaounde 1. ENS Bambili.

Alobwed'Epie was born at Ngomboku, in Kupe-Muanenguba Division. He studied at the Universities of Yaounde and Leeds. He is a poet, novelist and critic. Author of The Death Certificate. He teaches Creative Writingand Sociolinguistics at the University of Yaounde 1, Cameroon.

The lady with a beard

Format : 15 x 21
Pages : 107
Parution : 2005
ISBN : 978 9956-0-9028-0

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