Manna of a life time and other stories

Eunice Ngongkum

These readable, suspenseful and moving stories constitute an artistic statement, a scathing critique of a society whose citizens increasingly feel alienated from it and have to seek solace and livelihoods abroad. Here are tales of hard times, economically hard times, times that push men, women and especially young people into desperate deeds even at the supreme price of death. The stories are about crooks, devils, and determined desperadoes; but they are also about decent and well-meaning people victimized and transformed by the vicissitudes of life, confirming the bleak view that life is full of more sadness than joy. In her short fiction, Manna of a Life Time and Other Stories, Eunice Ngongkum employs an ingenious creative technique to transmute bare facts and commonplace events into intriguing works of art-literature. Beautifully crafted with a tough muscular touch, these short stories bear the imprint of a fine, talented and accomplished artist full of promise.

Born in Kusu Wum, Menchum Division of the North West Province of Cameroon, Eunice Ngongkum attended Government High School Mbengwi and the University of Yaounde I. She holds a Ph.D. in African Literature and is presently a lecturer in the Departement of African Literature and Civilisations of the University of Yaounde 1. She is married with five children.

Manna of a life time and other stories

Format : 12 x 18
Pages : 116
Parution : 2021
ISBN : 978 9956-0-9101-4

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