Family saga

Bole Butake

Family Saga is a hybrid dramatic experiment with an elaborate practical methodology, aimed at engaging individuals and peoples with conflicting and contending ideologies and class situations to develop analytical, perceptive and interrogative skills that would help them make sense of their world and positively change their conditions.

Born in 1947 in Nkor, Noni Sub-Division in the North-West Province of Cameroon. Bole Butake attended the local primary school, Sacred Heart College, Mankon, CCAST Bambili, the University of Yaounde and the University of Leeds in England. He founded a magazine of creative writing for English-speaking Cameroonians. The Mould, in 1976, in which he published several of his poems and short stories before it ceased publication in 1981. ln 1984 he published his first play, The Rape of Michelle, followed by Lake God (composed during his internship at the International Writing program, Iowa) in 1986. The Survivors in 1989 and And Palm-wine Will Flow in 1990. He was Associate Professor of African Literature and Performing Arts at the Faculty of Arts, Letters and Social Sciences, University of Yaounde I. He passed away on the 1rst October 2016.

Family saga

Format : 12 x 18
Pages : 84
Parution : 2005
ISBN : 978 9956-0-9015-8

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