The soldier's daily

Nicodème Awoa

Like most children, Soldiers were first born in families before dedicating their life to the Military corps. They’ve learned military discipline during their stay in the barracks as much as their constraints, statutes, sanctions, and the legendary military customs. As well, they must apply good comradeship, sociability and, dissolve adversities of military life, win wars and undoubtedly accept the fate that they might return to their families alive, upon completion of a lively career, exhausted, mutilated or dead. All the same, they have remained misunderstood even by their own communities, although continuously dedicated to the Nation. For as much, we needed to familiarize even with the most indecent side of their existence, to better our understanding of their wavering relationship with the people.

Colonel Awoa Nicodème was born on 12, September 1961 at Enongal hospital, Ebolowa, Mvila Division (South Region of Cameroon). Pilot by trade, he graduated from the Lufthansa Flying School in Bremen, West Germany, in 1985 and holds an US FAA/IFR/Commercial Pilot License. He attended the Yaoundé Military Academy (EMIA) in Cameroon, “6th November 1982, Batch”, and joined the Air University at Maxwell Air force Base, Alabama (USA) for Squadron Officers School (Command and leadership) from 1989 to 1990 and, the Air Command and Staff College (Strategic Analysis, Operational planning and Execution) from 1994 to 1995. He’d served in the Cameroon Defence Forces for over 35 years, at tactical, operational and strategic levels.

The soldier's daily

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