Lancement officiel et dédicace de livre

Friday 11th august 2023 at the military court of justice

For the plethora of obligations and prohibitions governing military life, talking about the Army has never been an easy task, and making the Army talk, a very challenging exercise as well, as much military matters may be either very sensitive or classified, and related debates often highly contentious. Nonetheless, following more than three decades of initiation and commitment next to very well informed Senior Military Officers, Colonel Awoa Nicodème has taken on to write this essay titled: “The Soldier's daily, Enhancing Cameroonian citizens national security awareness”, to raise interest, and awaken a resolute will for a true security resilience. In a nutshell, the Author has thoroughly “inspected the troops”, with the humble ambition to deepen citizensʼ understanding of Armies' functioning. Hence, remembering very well where he is coming from, he proposes to consider Servicemen above all as social actors rather than eccentric and fierce individuals who act essentially beyond the limits of common sense, as usually portrayed by many critics. This essay is therefore a real landmark for the memory of our fallen heroesʼ, in view to refresh our own, a precious help for Researchers and ordinary Citizens for their information, and a valuable reservoir of ideas for Nation building.

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