The abused girl

Aminkeng Rufus Menchas

« The Abused Girl » is an exciting and tragic story of young and brilliant Pamela who, after completing ber primary and secondary courses in flying colours is deceived by an elite of Abebue village callcd Telelen. Following her parents' blesssings, the two travel to the United arions of America where Telelen in tead of offering her the promised dream job, introduces her into prostitution in her Charleston based Fiesta hotel. Pamela i stabbed to death one night by a regular customer due to her refusal to give in to his selfish desires. Inspector Morrison who is assigned to investigate into the murder arrests Jameson the killer after a series of skilful enquiries and together with Telelen are handed a twenty-five years imprisonment term each for aggravated murder and sexual exploitation of young girls.

Aminkeng Rufus Mencha was born on 19th January /975 in Mbetta, Cameroon. After primary and secondary studies, he obtained a bachelor's degree in Chemistry from the University of Buea and later on a master's 1 degree in Science and Technology from the University of Ngaoundere. He has served in the Cameroon Police Force for over twenty years and is presently working at the Nkongsamba central Police Station.

The abused girl

Format : 13,5 x 20
Pages : 78
Parution : 2022
ISBN : 978 9956-0-9525-4

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